Perenich Injury Lawyers Clearwater

Our first post: my father and I wanted to build a website dedicated to the legacy of Perenich Lawyers in the Clearwater and Tampa area.  There is another lawyer in Tennessee, his name is Nick Perenich he does not exclusively practice personal injury law.  Our firm, Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes is the only Perenich law firm that practices personal injury law exclusively. We have been practicing injury law since 1955.

We are the oldest injury law firm on the west coast of Florida.



Although our firm is centered around the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa area, we do handle cases all over the state of Florida.  We also take handle Federal cases.  Our history has enabled us to become very efficient at handling common injuries resulting from auto accidents, slip and falls, truck accidents, nursing home cases, and we have become masterful at handling catastrophic cases resulting from industrial accidents, construction accidents, and medical malpractice.

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